We offer short modules on editing and reporting techniques as well as on branding and social media strategies. The courses are very affordable with interactive features, tips and exercises.

Our e-learning programs will also enable newsrooms, classrooms and companies to master basic journalism skills - anytime, anywhere. Our programs also have a strong travel component, enabling students to spend a few weeks abroad and immerse themselves into the media ecosystem of different countries.

Our courses optimize digital expertise to provide immersive, integrated learning opportunities. They combine academic depth and real world professional rigour, helping to accelerate your career.

Mizan Op-Ed initiative amplifies women voices across MENA and channels their expertise and solutions into different media around the world.

The current dearth of women’s voices and presence in the news is unacceptable.
In seven MENA countries - Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan- women are more likely to attend university than men. Many women in MENA are also outperforming their male peers in math, technology, and engineering. Yet women’s voices are seldom heard in the news and news sources and industry experts are usually male, namely senior government officials and company senior management.

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