Mizan Op-Ed Initiative


Mizan Op-Ed initiative amplifies women voices across MENA and channels their expertise and solutions into different media around the world.

The current dearth of women’s voices and presence in the news is unacceptable.
In seven MENA countries - Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan- women are more likely to attend university than men. Many women in MENA are also outperforming their male peers in math, technology, and engineering. Yet women’s voices are seldom heard in the news and news sources and industry experts are usually male, namely senior government officials and company senior management.

Moreover, what happens to women in their late 30s and 40s. What can a mother of five children share with the world? Why don’t we read their opinions and insights? Do they become invisible?

And why cannot young girls offer credible solutions to local problems?

The extent to which women are invisible varies globally but generally, women and girls, especially those from minority backgrounds, are rarely narrators of their own experiences and stories, or are even authoritative sources on any topic. The sentiment echoed by the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) which states that the "The world we see in the news is a world in which women are virtually invisible” is so true.

At Mizan: “We believe women carry the light and wisdom that will heal and transform the world around us… and within us. … “ and Mizan Op-Ed aims to awaken and channel this light.

Program: The Mizan Op-Ed Initiative is a four to six week digital program for women in the MENA region to aid their writing of opinion columns and show them how to get published. Our program teaches women how to compose strong, authoritative material alongside the opportunity to be supported by world-class journalists and editorial mentors.