Merger and Acquisition Journalism


An area of financial journalism that has been little explored is that of mergers and acquisitions, more commonly known as M&A. In the Middle East, a lot of a lot of M&A goes on, although many of the deals should more accurately be termed joint ventures.

Covering the big deals, those that hog the headlines, is relatively easy. Covering the smaller deals is not. And providing proprietary information on companies looking to do a deal is even harder. But it is intelligence companies are keen to get hold of.

The way a reporter covers a deal has more to do with the publication they work for than the deal itself. A markets reporter might want to dig into the pricing, a reporter on an exclusive M&A newswire, might be more interested in the deal structure and how it compares with similar deals, if any; a reporter on a local paper might be interested on the impact on the local economy while a reporter on a national paper might be interested in the impact on the entire economy, if, for example, it is a mega company, such as an airline.

Some of the questions that should be asked include:

  1. Why will two, or even more, companies merge?
  2. Who benefits the most from the deal?
  3. Will the deal happen?
  4. What is the pricing?
  5. The deal structure?

Large and small M&A deals in the region will be reviewed, and how these should be covered in different media