Journalism in the Arabic World

Most journalists will tell you that working in the Arab world is completely different from elsewhere in the world- even those who have never worked there. It’s true; face-to-face interviews and connections matter more; (social media only goes so far), and factual information must be that- factual- and it matters where that information is placed in an article. Photographs also matter. And most countries in the Middle East are more dangerous than elsewhere. In sum, state control, social pressures, culture of journalism, journalism education, and funding make a difference to how things are reported.

This course will look at the following (among other things):

  1. How writing in the Arab world differs from elsewhere
  2. Is journalism in the Arab world necessarily investigative?
  3. How journalism can be a democratising force in the Arab world
  4. Why do expats dominate the journalism landscape?
  5. Writing for different media.